The Bubbles

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need The Bubbles?

The Bubbles helps you to make life-changing decisions & become more focused on what is really important to YOU.

I’m an organized kind of person. What do I need the Bubbles for?

Even the most organised person still needs someone to help them focus & keep their plans on track. The Bubbles assists people to step back & take a good long look at their lives & what they want to achieve. As an organised person, wouldn't you want this extra help to get your life sorted?

What about my kids? Do you have a Bubbles Programme to suit them?

Absolutely! As part of an adult’s Bubbles workshop, children are always a major factor. We can personalise a Bubbles workshop for school leavers & university students/graduates, when major life decisions are often being made & you and your children may need some independent guidance. It's important that young people learn the necessary financial skills that they will need as they get older.

I’m near retirement. Is it too late for me to do The Bubbles?

No you're not too late! This time in your life can be a huge upheaval and The Bubbles will help you plan how to enjoy your new found free time while making sure your finances are set up properly.

Read the second of our testimonials to see how one client's almost-retired parents were helped significantly by attending a Bubbles workshop.

How much does The Bubbles cost?

For an individual, the cost of your 2 hour workshop is $1895 plus gst.
The cost for a couple is $2995 plus gst.

Where do you hold the Bubbles workshops?

The workshops are held at our premises.  We have a purpose-built meeting room with plasma screen & interactive whiteboard which are used extensively in a Bubbles workshop. Being away from the distractions of your home or business, & having someone who is impartial & non-confrontational also helps you focus on looking at your life objectively.

My partner & I don’t really talk about our dreams. Or money. Can you help us?

Absolutely! We have found this to be a very common scenario. Couples are busy with their everyday life, especially if they have children. It’s not unusual to lose touch with your own personal and joint dreams - and to achieve these you both need to talk about your finances & what's important to the two of you. We help many couples reconnect & communicate more effectively, & subsequently work together on achieving their goals.

I’m a bit of a procrastinator. Do you think I need The Bubbles?

Yes – don’t dilly dally any further - book your Bubbles workshop now! You're a perfect Bubbles candidate & we can certainly help you.

Help! I don’t really know what I need! I think I’m in a rut…

You need The Bubbles - feeling like you're in a rut is very common & nearly all our Bubbles clients mention that we help them get out of one!

What other services can you help me with?

Our sister company, Professional Financial Group, can help you with a home loan, refinancing, investment property, business finance & insurance. We also assist people with business consultancy along with property & bank negotiations & reviews. Take a look at our website and connect with us here on Facebook.

Are you on Facebook?

We sure are! Click here to take a look & stay connected with us & our fans by clicking the “like” button on our page. We regularly post positive, educational, life-affirming messages on our page, & we even have exclusive Facebook content, competitions & special offers.

Am I best to attend a Bubbles workshop alone or with my partner?

We highly recommend that you both attend the workshop. As we are dealing with major life issues, it is beneficial for you both to have an equal input into the discussions & decision-making.

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